Like all people of this sign, the Sagittarius man is always very honest and frank with others. Lying for him is unthinkable and unacceptable. He can be too trusting, as he has some idealized habits in everything. In his opinion, everyone around is as honest and open as he is. This makes it difficult for Sagittarius to change. Psychology is clearly not his forte.

Such a bright and energetic man is always surrounded by women. He is a favorite and a favorite of fate. He is always unspeakably lucky, and in any case he is extremely lucky. The Sagittarius man is a very active person, constantly disappearing on business trips or business trips and returning with a mountain of ideas and concepts.

The Sagittarius man easily starts fleeting novels and looks for new hobbies, just as easily ending them. He is agile, but it is impossible to hold a grudge against him for a long time. Sagittarius is an ignorant, heartless person.

Character traits of a Sagittarius man: the main thing about him

The Sagittarius man is always very frank and says everything he thinks without holding back. However, there is nothing evil in this feature of him often quarreling: Sagittarius sincerely believes that the world would be much better if everyone told each other the truth and only the truth.

The men of this sign can have strange ideas of justice, too strict by the standards of the majority, he is an idealist in everything and is ready to devote his life to his convictions!

This overflowing energy is combined with impatience and a thirst for movement. Sagittarius is ready to give himself to something as long as it does not become either boring or obvious that it will require too much time and effort.

Sagittarius values ​​​​his own freedom very much and runs from hot-tempered duties. Any debt is perceived by such a person as an unbearable burden. The same can be said about love. He enjoys the affair as long as there are no restrictions and prohibitions, but when this happens, the man disappears and becomes preoccupied with new passions.

He is definitely not in danger of loneliness - Sagittarius loves to be in society, always surrounded by people. If the interlocutor withstands critical and truthful reviews of Sagittarius and has enough tact to keep the conversation going without evasions, he will achieve the disposition of this person and earn his respect.


The personality flaws of the Sagittarius man are expressed in his absolutism and iron principles, and he will not compromise even with close people. The jealousy of such a person is not something special.

A description of the striking features of this man would be incomplete without mentioning that it is almost impossible to unsettle him. נערות ליווי בקריות
He perceives any difficulties and blows of fate with his inherent optimism and sees in them just another sign that you need to move on.

Sagittarius is not very selective in relationships with women. He can easily be seduced by a girl and fall in love not with himself, but with an ideal image. He never suffers from love and rejection. Do not worry about it. Turn your attention to others. As for Sagittarius, he can be in many ways, but the reputation of a catcher and a frivolous person is due to the fact that he at least knows his own worth and is ready to check his honest name.

In love, Sagittarius is very open and polite

He always talks about his feelings, hiding nothing.

Emotions can completely overwhelm him, and the Sagittarius man will be delighted with the love for his partner.

Mindfulness and caution are the main points for Sagittarius in a relationship. The beginning of a relationship with Sagittarius will be like a fairy tale.

His marriage seems unthinkable, and it is very difficult to bring him into the cage of family relationships. His family life seems like a nightmare, the collapse of all plans and hopes. Sagittarius needs a woman who can convince him to turn the tide.